ReThink UvA bezorgd om lijst met ‘sympathisanten’ van Bureau Communicatie UvA

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Vanmorgen berichtte FoliaWeb dat er door Bureau Communicatie van de UvA een lijst met ruim 400 namen van ‘Rethink-sympathisanten’ is rondgestuurd naar de communicatie-afdelingen van alle faculteiten. “In de begeleidende mail verzoekt Bureau Communicatie van de UvA de facultaire communicatiemedewerkers om na te gaan of de mensen op de lijst betrokken zijn bij de organisatie van de bachelordag van vorige zaterdag. Ook wil de UvA dat de faculteiten ‘een inschatting maken hoe groot de kans is dat dat “gedoe” oplevert en dat terugkoppelen.’” Aldus Folia. Continue reading

Gezamenlijke verklaring van ReThink UvA, De Nieuwe Universiteit en Humanities Rally

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Gisteren publiceerde het CvB een lijst met tien punten aangaande het bestuur en de institutionele cultuur van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Na aanhoudende ontkenning heeft het CvB eindelijk retorisch rechtsomkeert gemaakt. Dit is het directe gevolg van onze protesten en inzet.

We verwelkomen deze ontwikkeling, maar verdere inspanningen zijn nodig om te zorgen dat het niet blijft bij enkel een verandering in toon.  Niet alleen zijn de voorstellen van het CvB onduidelijk, maar ze bieden ook geen oplossing voor de vertrouwenscrisis. De brief bevat geen enkel antwoord op onze eis voor een onafhankelijk onderzoek naar de financiële situatie en op onze roep om een moratorium op lopende herstructureringsprocessen. Wij benadrukken daarom nogmaals onze eisen. Continue reading

CvB discussion in CREA: ReThink UvA’s intervention

On Monday 9 March, a few hours after the ultimatum posed by ReThink UvA had passed, the Executive Board had planned the first of a series of weekly discussions with staff and students in the CREA university theater. The debate was very well attended: more than 100 people were present inside the auditorium, and another 100 in the overflow space. The program was organized to facilitate a traditional debate, in which the CvB set the terms for discussion, and would be in clear control of the proceedings. But in response to the Board’s breaking of our ultimatum, ReThink UvA staff and students had planned a playful democratic intervention. Continue reading

Lecture Series Think! Humanities

Over the past decades, the marketization and managerialization of higher learning across the Netherlands has resulted in continuous and seemingly interminable efforts to evaluate, restructure and re-invent university teaching and learning on all levels. This holds true for the humanities in particular where the new imperatives, effectivity, profitableness and utilitarian thinking, set out to threaten the very identity of the disciplines. Currently, there seems to be no shortage on market-based visions for the universities. Yet the fundamental question as to what both the scientific community and society at large envision for the future of the university and the humanities in particular seems to be unsatisfactorily addressed.

This series of lectures sets out to initiate a debate about the status, the value and the relevance of the humanities. It offers a platform to exchange views on what course the humanities could take, maintaining the best of its traditions while adapting to what are perceived as changing societal and scientific needs. In a Socratic dialogue we will be seeking how best to preserve this ‘endangered species’ in the academic field, enabling it to adapt to a new environment while strengthening the key characteristics that best guarantee its enduring survival.


9 March 17.00h, Maagdenhuis – Kati Röttger: The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge

16 March 17.00h, Universiteitstheater – Rens Bod: Dreams of an Ideal University in Times of Crisis

23 March 17.00h, Universiteitstheater – Mieke Bal: Power to the Imagination – De verbeelding aan de macht

30 March 17.00h, Universiteitstheater – Ziggy Schilpzand (Humanities Rally)

Letter to the Supervisory Board

Following the decision of the third ReThink UvA General Assembly, ReThink UvA has requested a line of communication with the Supervisory Board of the UvA.

To the Supervisory Board,

We write with deep concern regarding the unfolding situation at the UvA. Our genuine and repeated attempts to bring an end to the trust crisis between staff and students on the one hand and the CvB on the other have so far been rebuffed. As a final gesture of goodwill we have extended the deadline for the CvB’s concrete response to our demands toMonday March 9th, 9 am. If in their response the CvB will remain deaf to the concerns of students and staff, the most constructive way forward seems establishing a Special Committee widely acceptable to, and trusted by, both staff and students. This Committee should then embark on rebuilding trust by facilitating a democratic solution to UvA problems in finance, governance and the organization of research and teaching. In this context we ask you to take immediate steps towards establishing a direct line of communication with De Nieuwe Universiteit and ReThink UvA, so that we begin to develop a new democratic, decentralized, participatory and more transparent University of Amsterdam.

ReThink UvA